Amplify your voice, share your gifts, 
& launch your business.

A Multi-Day Game-Changing Workshop for Soul-Centred Entrepreneurs

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A live workshop supported by coaching and an online incubator.

In just 3 DAYS you’ll gain skills and create the assets you need to run a successful heart-based business. 

Our Mission

To amplify leaders for positive and meaningful change.


Personalized Coaching

Get support from our coaches as they provide guidance, feedback, and accountability. 

Online Incubator

Carefully curated micro-courses and webinars designed to overcome technology overwhelm. Take only what you need, and at your own pace.   

Live Workshop

Sequester yourself in the most productive workshop you will ever attend. Informative, inspirational, and intensive: make your dream a reality.

Our Approach

Allowing your heart and spirit to drive your business.

Purpose Driven

For ten years we’ve walked the path of entrepreneurship with purpose-driven leaders in the spirituality, health, and wellness space. 

Individualized and Holistic

We take a 360-degree approach to your business. Our team will work with you to find your strengths and reveal your path to success.

Refreshing Simplicity

We overcome complexity through the simplicity of authenticity, clear messaging, no-nonsense strategies, and a collection of best practices. 

How do we know you can do it?

Because we are going to make it happen with you!

A unique combination of DIY and Done-For-You allows you to leverage your strengths and lean on us when you need support.

Vision Becomes Reality

Our coaches work with you to articulate a vision and business model that is yours alone.

Customer Resonance

Our writing and design team helps you to express that vision though images and language. 

From Start to Finish

Our production team helps put it all together, create your online ecosystem, and bring it to life. 

Meet your co-creators


Anne Berube PHD

Embodied Leadership, Manifestation In A Soul Centred Business

Official Soul Tribe Muse / Guinea Pig. Anne has helped hundreds of individuals discover an inner freedom and a connection to their unique source of sustainable happiness. Her portfolio includes a bestselling book, workshops, retreats, online courses, a podcast, a blog, and a business that has allowed her to share the stage with her heroes.

Paul MacInnis

Marketing, Product Design, Monetization

A social entrepreneur before it was cool. A seasoned veteran of event production, online course production and workshop design. Blissful when creating revenue for soulful thought leaders.


Chaz Thorne, MBA

Business Planning, Strategy, Story Telling, Copy Writing 

Multi-award winning filmmaker, best-selling author, established thought leader in multiple domains, storytelling mentor, and organizational strategist. Strategic advisor and business builder to some of Canada’s leading companies and brands with an uncanny ability to walk the line between creative and business imperatives.

Christel LeBlanc, MDes

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Website Builder 

Alchemist. Interdisciplinary designer, artist and teacher. Manifestor of ethereal things. Camper. Explorer. Forest friend. 

You don't have to choose between being soulful and being successful

We'll show you how to…

Uncover your greatest strengths as a soul based entrepreneur

Guide your business with compassion and a desire to serve

Turn your passion into revenue

Discover what you should really be charging

Understand how to market from your heart and soul

If you are ready to build your brand, monetize your expertise, and extend your reach and impact—then this program is designed for you.


We're looking for entrepreneurs, coaches, facilitators, authors and speakers who are ready to dream big and bring their vision to life.

Tangible Outcomes

Get clarity around your product and/or service offering

Get strategic about packaging, positioning and pricing

Find the profit centre at the core of your business

Leverage authority products to increase demand

Understand your ideal clients and how to attract repeat business

Become the leader you know you’re meant to be, onstage and online

Amplify your entrepreneurial journey

"I needed people who would listen to me, who would push me, and make me think beyond my own dreams."

Katherine Brewer

"I wanted to have a website, but more than that I wanted a business and philosophy that I felt good about. It’s been a great learning process - and the photoshoot was more fun than I thought it would be."

Dr. Jennifer Smith
Pediatrician & Sleep Consultant

"I’ve had this dream for 15 years, I had been holding myself back from doing what I really wanted to do."

Margot Gaudet
Founder of Maven Hill Farm and Retreat Centre

"“I had all of these experts at my fingertips, it was everything I needed to launch my heart-centered business. I couldn’t have done this myself in six months.” "

Chrissy Anne
Spiritual Coach

Already have a website or business? Perfect!

But the real question is this, does your website work for your business? Does it reflect your vision AND drive revenue?

This program is designed to support entrepreneurs and small business owners at any stage of their development. Whether you apply this work to the launch (or relaunch) of a business, product or service. 

Life Changing Tangible Outcomes: No Fluffy Stuff!

We'll meet you where you are, learn where you want go, and help you get there.




Your Calling

Thursday 9am-4pm

Get clear about your path and your business. You'll discover:

  • How to position yourself as a compelling leader in your space. 
  • How to market with authenticity and clarity that make you irresistible. 
  • The secret to creating products and services that make you indispensable.

Featuring Seminars, Group Training, and Self-Guided Exercises 


Your Plan

Friday 9am-4pm

Go deeper, make it personal, refine the details of your business. You'll learn:

  • How to uncover the source of hidden wealth in your business. 
  • How to help your fans navigate the journey from lead to customer. 
  • Actionable marketing strategies that match the scale of your business. 

Featuring: Break-out sessions coaching and feedback.


Your Life

Saturday 9am-4pm

Nurture your audience and make your dream a reality. You'll learn:

  • How to cultivate an audience of true fans and customers.
  • How to amplify your voice on the right platforms for your business.
  • How to step into mastery and create the life and business that you want for yourself.

Featuring: Actionable plans to guide you for the year ahead, hot-seating, coaching and feedback.

Masterclass + Production Package

Our team becomes yours as we make your plan real.

Featuring: Additional day of small group coaching, art directed photoshoot, and a website that works for your business.


This ain't our first rodeo!

Meet some of our alumni

Masterclass + Production Package: 
Discovery Call

Our team becomes yours as we make your plan real. 

Fill in the form below and we'll set up a (no obligation and no pressure) consultation call to find out if the Soul Tribe Masterclass Production Package is right for you. 
During the call we'll provide you with a complete list of program outcomes. 

This is were we we combine D.I.Y. and Done-For-You to create extraordinary value in your business. 

Featuring: Additional day of small group coaching, art directed photoshoot, and a website that works for your business. 

$3400 + HST 


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