Day 1: Feel Your Calling

Monday, May 25th  1pm-5pm EDT


Being a soul-centered entrepreneur is different. We begin by helping you get clear on who you UNIQUELY are and how you can UNIQUELY be of service.

It is here that we introduce the One Page Plan foundational framework on which your entire business will rest.



Day 2: Discover Your Tribe

Tuesday, May 26th  1pm-5pm EDT


To be successful, you need to find, serve, and sell to the RIGHT audience. We show you how to identify your tribe – the people who want and need what you have to offer the most.

Since staying on track and continuing to make things happen can be a challenge, we introduce our “Accountability Program” and connect you with your accountability partners. These are powerful relationships that will extend far beyond the Masterclass.



Day 3: Amplify Your Voice

Wednesday, May 27th  1pm-5pm EDT


Once you have identified your tribe, you need to figure out how and where to reach them.

Instead of overwhelming yourself by trying to do “all the things,” we show you how to choose the few “amplifiers” that will be successful and that you’ll enjoy doing!



Day 4: Nurture Your Fans

Thursday, May 28th  1pm-5pm EDT


Building an audience is great. But this doesn’t make a business.

You must continue to deliver value to your audience to convert them into paying clients and keep them coming back. We show you how to take a “thought leadership” approach with your offerings that turns casual followers into committed fans.



Day 5: Manifest Abundance & Step Into Mastery

Friday, May 29th  1pm-5pm EDT


The most significant advantage of having committed fans is they will happily tell you what they want. We show you how to listen carefully to your audience to determine the best ways for you to grow your business further.

Now that you have completed your One Page Plan, you will have the entire vision of your soul-centered business on a single page. Your plan represents a clear and concise roadmap to success that is UNIQUELY yours!

For the final and most inspiring step, we will show you how you will add success on top of success and develop true mastery of the gifts you’re sharing through your business.

You will then be part of an exclusive community of Soul Tribe Masterclass grads. Together, you will support and challenge one another to create the absolute best versions of your businesses and yourselves.

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