Moving Past Our Limiting Beliefs

I recently had the pleasure of attending a Happy Sessions workshop with my very dear friend (and business partner's wife!), Anne Bérubé. It was an intense and wonderful few days with 50 other soul-seekers looking to explore what has been holding us back in our lives and how we might release it. 

It was amazing to witness and experience Anne leading this group through the many tears, laughs, and discoveries over the weekend. Being in the presence of someone you love dearly who has fully stepped into their power and reached a level of mastery with their own gifts is intensely inspiring.

On the last day, one of the participants I had yet to hear much from, spoke up. She started steadily talking about the many benefits of the retreat, but as she circled in closer to what her heart wanted her to share, the happy tears flowed freely. She shared her most profound discovery of the session: “I just think about everything I’ve been able to do with...

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