The 80/20 Rule of Soul-Centered Entrepreneurship

I was recently trying to explain to a close friend of mine what shamanism is as we sat on a beach next to the Atlantic watching his dog tumble through the seaweed. 

I clumsily said something along the lines of, “Someone who is deeply connected to both the natural and spirit world who acts as a guide for others wanting to explore themselves on a deeper level.” (I’m sure there are as many definitions as there are shamans.)

My friend, always the cynic, responded, “So, do you get a certificate for that or something?” I love him, but he relishes being a contrarian.

I’ve come across so many people in my personal life that claim to be so many things over the years: angelic mediums, spirit guides, psychics, life coaches, spiritual coaches, yogis, gurus, and “healers” of all sorts. In my multiple businesses, I’ve come across similar personalities wrapped in different packaging: executive coaches, facilitators, keynote speakers,...

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