Designing the Masterclass Experience (with a side of COVID19)


by Christel LeBlanc

As teachers know and students should probably be aware, things are always a little rough the first time through a new course. And the semester doesn’t usually include the routine-shattering circumstances of a global pandemic.

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In the fall of 2019, I approached Paul MacInnis and Chaz Thorne of Soul Tribe Live about doing a project with a class of NSCAD students. The aim was to design the experience of—and components for—a live multi-day workshop called the Soul Tribe Masterclass, a training course geared towards small-scale entrepreneurs with ethical, spiritual and community service oriented businesses. The upcoming Masterclass was scheduled for spring 2020, in Montreal, QC.

Paul and Chaz had run the workshop several times before, and I’d taught some design modules in the latest iteration, held in Halifax in November of 2019. The clients were...

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