Is there a recipe for making your calling your career?

What is the “recipe” that creates success for soul-centered entrepreneurs?

Over the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most inspiring leaders of spiritual and personal development in the world. Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Gabby Bernstein, Gregg Braden, and Elizabeth Gilbert are all incredible people that built incredible businesses around their thought leadership. The sharing of their gifts has moved millions.

Often, after the large-scale events I produced with these luminaries, I would be approached by audience members who felt strongly that they had messages of their own to share with the world. The underlying question was always, “How do I become like Deepak/Elizabeth/Wayne/Gabby?”

I have thought about this question a lot over the years. How did these trailblazers find their voice, then find an audience, and then, perhaps most importantly, remain connected to their audience for years? Was there some common thread? Did they follow a similar path?

In partnering with so many of these individuals, we were fortunate to have an insider’s perspective on how both they and their businesses operated. When my colleagues and I at Soul Tribe examined these in-depth, we came to discover that there were six key things that ALL of the celebrities we worked with did consistently. We call these the Six Pillars of Soul-Centered Entrepreneurship.

As a former professional chef, I like to think of what I am about to share with you like a recipe. It is simple; there are six key ingredients. But, like with any recipe, the magic is in the unique way that you combine and then cook those key ingredients. Any truly great and original creation, whether it is a souffle or a business, has a flare of artistry.

1. Feel Your Calling

In a soul-centered business, it begins with understanding what inspired you to undertake this work. What need did you see in the world? What pain did you want to help heal? And how did you connect this to how you felt you could uniquely be of service in addressing that need or pain?

For Deepak, he saw the confusion created for those that wanted to connect their perception of the tangible (science) with their belief in the mysteries of the universe (spirituality). He recognized that his background as both a medical doctor and a profoundly spiritual individual gave him the perspective to explore this connection.

2. Discover Your Tribe

Who will connect with your message or mission on a deep level? This goes beyond the surface, to wanting to find those who will become more than customers or clients.

The answer to this question is NEVER, “Everyone!” That would be like someone asking what spice to add to a dish and me saying, “Just pick one!”

Though you may appeal to a vast audience someday, you need to win with a very focused group first.

Wayne Dyer did this exceptionally well when he realized that there was an audience for his work through the specific demographic of PBS supporters. He was a regular participant in their telethons for many years, and that created the foundational audience he would build on throughout his career.

3. Amplify Your Voice

What is something that you do well that can be used to get your message out into the world?

Though she may spend much of her time giving keynote addresses and workshops now, Elizabeth Gilbert started it all through her dedication to developing her voice as a writer. She had been slogging it out for many years before Eat, Pray, Love became an international sensation. Liz knew that her ability as a writer was the key “amplifier” that would allow her to be heard. And she worked damn hard (and still does!) at enhancing her craft.

4. Nurture Your Fans

Who already LOVES what you do?

After you have clarified your message, found an audience that it resonates with, and found a way to spread the word powerfully, you will come to notice that some of your audience REALLY connect with what you have to say. These are your true fans.

How do you pull those people even closer?

Gabby Bernstein has done a fantastic job of building out her digital universe to provide limitless openings for her audience to explore her work in more depth. Even better, she creates opportunities for her fans to interact with each other and share their opinions about her thought leadership.

5. Manifest Abundance

Having excelled at all of the above, you are now able to turn up the heat! This is where you can get into empire building.

Oprah is a genius at this. Her various extensions into a book club, magazine, and television channel provided ways for those that loved her to feel even more connected. These have brought her not only immense wealth but an extremely high level of influence. This influence has given Oprah the ability to be a “queen or kingmaker.” An endorsement from her means instant celebrity and is another way for her to spread the messages that she wants to get out into the world.

6. Step Into Mastery

I’ll leave it to you to determine who, amongst the soul-centered entrepreneurs you admire, has reached this level.

What we have seen consistently from those who have succeeded and encourage in the aspiring entrepreneurs that we train is always to maintain a sense of humility. Humility keeps you curious and open to the possibility of learning something new.

The true master never stops being a student.

And interestingly, I have yet to meet a master that saw themselves as one.

The Final Dish

I still love to cook.

Over the many years I have been doing so, both professionally and now for mine and my family’s enjoyment, I have learned to always keep experimenting. My outcomes with a recipe may be slightly or even significantly different from yours depending on the “special touches” we choose to add.

I would encourage you to add your own artistry to the recipe above and hope it results in something delicious!

If you would like to learn more about how to apply the Six Pillars of Soul-Centered Entrepreneurship to your own business, you can download our free e-book, Manifesting You!

Paul MacInnis

Partner/Producer - Soul Tribe

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