Are you an overwhelmed entrepreneur?

  • Feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day to get all your tasks done?
  • Confused about how to market your business?
  • Not sure how to get started with that new business idea?
  • Don't know which social media platform to focus on?
  • Unsure as to whether or not you should add that new product or service?

It all seems like too much at times. Even when we have the time to focus on our business, what should we be using that time for? Should we be creating something new? Should we be posting on Instagram or Pinterest? Are our customers even ON Pinterest?! How do I find my customers? And most of all, why aren’t any sales coming in!!??

 And the cost of NOT figuring it all out... 

  • What's the gap between your current and desired income?
  • What is the non-monetary impact?
  • Is your happiness affected? 

We've worked with dozens of entrepreneurs that are where you are — that awful place of not knowing what to do next.

You need to turn down the volume and focus on what REALLY matters.

That is what this FREE course will teach you to do.

Keeping It Simple and Soulful (K.I.S.S.) will teach you that the KEY to overcoming overwhelm is in getting crystal clear on the few decisions that ACTUALLY matter for your business.

Everything else is just noise.

Soul Tribe partner, Chaz Thorne, teaches this free course; author, award-winning filmmaker, executive coach and strategic advisor to many leading brands. He’s learned these lessons himself and wants to share them with you.

He teaches this methodology to other entrepreneurs just like you:

“I've experienced more clarity in the direction of my business. I'm more purposeful in how I communicate my offerings. In the conversations I've been having since that clarity is translating into getting more positive results with clients.” – Karen Furneaux, Olympian, World Champion, and Elite Performance Coach

I did a recent event and the simple things I implemented sold tickets. I had a mindset shift.” – Stephanie Johnston, The Goddess Gatherings

“I’m more focused and guided. I feel more confident that my business is something viable, and I can make an impact.” – Roni Davis, Cognitive Behavioral Coach 

Why are we doing this?

Soul-centered entrepreneurs like you that want to use their talents to do good are the leaders of our NEW emerging economy. An economy filled with people that believe in being of service instead of extracting from others without providing meaningful value.

We want to see you and other entrepreneurs like you win.

 So, take advantage of K.I.S.S. and get focused on what REALLY matters for your business and get results! 

Chaz Thorne, Partner/Producer - Soul Tribe

Simplicity wins. Every time.

In this FREE video course, K.I.S.S: Keeping It Simple & Soulful, you’re going to learn the 6-step method that will allow you to manifest the business of your dreams.


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