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Discover the Seven Qualities of a Soul Tribe Leader

"I needed people who would listen to me, who would push me, and make me think beyond my own dreams."

Katherine Brewer

"I wanted to have a website, but more than that I wanted a business and philosophy that I felt good about. It’s been a great learning process - and the photoshoot was more fun than I thought it would be."

Dr. Jennifer Smith
Pediatrician & Sleep Consultant

"I’ve had this dream for 15 years, I had been holding myself back from doing what I really wanted to do."

Margot Gaudet
Founder of Maven Hill Farm and Retreat Centre

"“I had all of these experts at my fingertips, it was everything I needed to launch my heart-centered business. I couldn’t have done this myself in six months.” "

Chrissy Anne
Spiritual Coach
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